Pet Portraits

PORTFOLIO // Hand drawn pet portraits

I have three furbabies of my own so I know first-hand how much they add joy to our lives and how they truly become part of the family. I have no doubt that your furbaby or furbabies have their own unique character and spirit which is what I adore most about drawing pet portraits, trying to capture your pet’s cheeky grin, the sparkle in their eyes and all of their gorgeous individual features. I say furbaby as a generalised term but I’m totally open to drawing all types of animals: cats, dogs, rabbits, mice, horses, birds, turtles and any others! It doesn’t matter at all if your pet is small or large or whether they have fur, scales or feathers – they are all beautiful.


If you’re interested in having your pet or your loved one’s pet drawn, I would really love for you to get in touch with me!

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