Custom Pet Portrait (Face Only or Full Body)


Custom Pet Portrait (Face Only or Full Body)

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Your pet’s portrait will be hand-drawn with coloured pencils on quality card stock. You will receive the original artwork. There are two options for your pet’s portrait:

Face Only

This illustration will focus on your pet’s face and a little bit of their upper body and collar (plain colour, simple tag).

Full Body

This illustration will be of your pet’s face and full body plus collar (plain colour, simple tag).


This includes shipping via Australia Post with Express Shipping with signature on delivery.

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Australian customers only

Price is for one pet only

Please ensure you read the details below

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It’s best to provide photos of your pet that are high resolution so I can see as much of the detail as possible and even lighting where there’s no heavy shadows. I will be drawing the portrait exactly as how I see it in the photo so you must be happy with the direction your pet is facing and the details that are visible in the photo. Please discuss if there’s anything that you would like drawn differently.


The Process

Step 1 / Digital Rough Sketch

You will be presented with a rough, minimal black and white sketch initially, which will act as a blueprint or plan for your drawing and shows the main outlines

Step 2 / Major Revisions to Digital Rough Sketch

1-2 revisions are included in the process - if you have any major changes to the portrait, this is the stage where we can apply them. Examples of a major change: changing the size of the face, the positioning of any elements or features

Step 3 / Final Illustration

Once you approve of the rough sketch, I will move on to the final illustration which will be hand drawn on thick card stock with coloured pencils

Step 4 / Minor Revisions to Illustration

Please bear in mind that I can only make very minor revisions and some revisions may not be possible which we can discuss.

1-2 revisions are included in the process. Examples of a minor change: slightly more detail, slightly different colouring

Please note that the balance of your commission will be invoiced and must be paid before your pet portrait is posted to you

Step 5 / Completion

Once you are happy and approve of the final illustration, I will post your unframed original and signed custom pet portrait artwork to you! Please see next page for more detail on shipping.


Additional Details


Face Only portraits will be drawn on an A4 sized card, 210 × 297mm, portrait orientation unless discussed otherwise or drawing multiple pets together. Full Body portraits will be drawn on an A3 sized card, 297 x 420 mm portrait, portrait orientation unless discussed otherwise or drawing multiple pets together.

Fur Family

I’m more than happy to draw your pets together if you wish, please get in touch with me to discuss the number of pets and I will create a custom listing for you. I will draw them on a larger sized card to capture as much detail as possible for each pet.

Extra Elements

I can also draw your pet with extra elements such as background scenery, bow ties, neckerchiefs or anything else - I’m more than happy to discuss your ideas with you. Please note that this will be an additional cost as it will take more time, effort and material.



Please choose “Pet Portrait Shipping” at checkout

The completed portrait will be enclosed in a plastic sleeve for protection and posted in a thick, bend-proof cardboard mailer to ensure it reaches you as safely as possible. It will be posted through Australia Post with Express Shipping and signature on delivery. You will be sent a tracking number for your parcel, I will not be held responsible for any damages made during delivery but I am more than happy to assist you in resolving the issue with Australia Post.


Please allow 4-5 weeks for the completion of your pet’s portrait and additionally, 2-4 days for shipping. Please note if your illustration involves multiple pets, it will be longer than this to complete.

International Customers

I’m more than happy to illustrate your pet for you! Please get in touch as I will need to investigate shipping costs for you and create a custom listing for your project.