I love creating gorgeous hand-drawn illustrations with more traditional mediums such as graphite pencils and watercolours. My style is quite feminine and has a dream-like balance between reality and whimsy. 

Commercial / Private / Portraits / Girls Wall Art


Raechelle Kelly


My beautiful illustrations can be used on a commercial level to uniquely enhance any brand/project.

They make  a wonderful alternative to photography in showcasing products or services.

Illustration is a great way to establish a character for your brand. You can also use my illustrations to add a feminine feel and whimsical look to any of your designs. 

If you'd like to know more about how illustration could work with your brand, please get in touch!


    Custom Portrait


    I have had the pleasure of drawing a number of beautiful furbaby and human souls. There's nothing more heart-warming than capturing a moment in time and I've been told my portraits make excellent gifts for loved ones. 

    I am also open to illustrating other subjects like this commissioned piece, I have a special deal for this type of request. If you're interested in knowing more, please just get in touch!


    shop art prints

    art prints

    I'm a drawing/art nerd and even in my spare time, I like to draw just for fun and practice. Some of these creations make it to my online shop - find an assortment of wonderful prints to decorate your lovely interior spaces with.




    View more of my commercial, private and self-directed illustration projects at my Behance gallery.