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Happy Hump Day my dear, I hope you are having a wonderful week so far!

Thanks for visiting my blog - I thought for today, I’d keep in line with the last post about finding the right graphic designer and go through the four stages of my creative process. As mentioned in the last post, regardless of who you choose to be your graphic designer, it’s important that you are happy with the way your project will be handled.

Please just keep in mind that this is a general guide to the process, there may be a few little differences, give or take, depending on the client and what’s required. I will always discuss the process with you to make sure you have a clear understanding of what will happen and do my absolute best to keep you informed throughout the journey!

The Four Stages

1 // Briefing + Research

We get together in person or over email/voice/video so that I can learn and gather as much information as I can about you, your business and your project. For custom logo design clients, you will receive an EXCLUSIVE copy of my comprehensive brand workbook that will go through key aspects of your business, influential in the shaping of your visual branding.

2 // Concepts + Presentation

Based on the information and inspiration gathered, I will head to the drawing board and start brainstorming initial concepts on paper. Out of these, I will choose concept(s) to develop more fully and to present to you.

3 // Refinement + Revision

Once you approve of a concept and you are happy with the direction it’s heading, we fine-tune the design and implement any revisions you may have. It’s highly pivotal to me that you are in love with the design!

4 // Completion + Supply

When you are 100% satisfied with the design, we will wrap everything up and I will prepare the appropriate final artwork file(s) for your project to supply. I will archive all files related to your project including working/native files, this means that if you lose any of your final artwork files, I can resupply them to you and, I can also pull up the existing design and make any updates you may require.

That’s it, a brief look at my creative process!
If you have further questions or you are interested in working with me for a project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch:

Finding the right graphic designer

Photo Credit:   Lauren Conrad

Photo Credit: Lauren Conrad

It’s always such a privilege to be part of someone’s business journey, specially right from the very beginning. A beautiful part of my job is not only building brands but building relationships with fellow girlbosses and, also the occasional boybosses :D

A graphic designer that “gets” you and your business is a valuable asset to have! ... and I’m not just saying that because I’m a graphic designer but because visual communication is such an integral part to growing a successful brand. Can I get a hell yeah!

I know that I’m not going to everyone’s cup of tea, but that’s okay, I recognise it’s essential to have compatibility. If you’re on the lookout for the right graphic designer for your business, here are a few key questions that I believe are important to consider.

In no particular order:

Do their visual style resonate with you and what you want for your business?

Browse through their portfolio, their website and social media accounts - if their volume of work aligns with your aesthetic vision, you’re winning!

Do they have the experience and have worked on projects with a similar scope to yours?

As they say, with experience comes wisdom. So for those of you new to running a business, it might be reassuring to work with someone that’s familiar with the type of project you have and can guide you through the process.

Do they have the type of personality you can work with?

This is absolutely crucial! Design work relies so much on clear communication, if you’re both on the same wavelength and feel at ease with each other - it certainly makes for a far better experience.

Do they come recommended in person or online?

Check out their reviews and see what others are saying about their services, you’d hope to find more positives than negatives.

Do you agree with their creative processes and policies?

This may not sound like the funnest activity, however, I highly recommend taking the time to read through the fine print of their services as it can differ so much for designers. Every designer has an individual method to their madness - make sure you know what you’re agreeing to and you’re comfortable with the way your project will be handled!

Do their costs match your budget?

This is self-explanatory BUT please make sure you are sensible about your budget, be mindful that creativity takes time and effort.

That’s it my poppets, hopefully it’s something that’s helpful to some of you!
Have you currently got the “perfect fit” graphic designer, what’s the BEST thing about them??

Raechelle's Family Day Care

Raechelle's Family Day Care WIP
Raechelle's Family Day Care WIP


This was one of my fave logos to work on, a fusion of graphic design and traditional illustration - more projects like this please UNIVERSE. I love this cheeky little possum so much!!



Although I follow a general process for all projects, there is no cookie cutter method or solution. NO SIREE. Every single one of my clients has a different brand voice and unique story, which of course needs to be reflected in their custom logo.


With Raechelle's design for her family day care, she clearly expressed that she wanted something that was not the stereotypical bright colours or ABC blocks. It was important that her visual branding resonated with her vision of providing a calming space for her children along with some of her practices like natured inspired play.


Gathering as much information as I can from my clients is a very crucial step to the ideation stage as it actually creates clearer pathways to explore. It narrows down the amount of concepts required where I normally only present 1-2 different visual directions which I think closely align to a client’s branding, from experience this a positive thing and prevents overwhelm! It’s an approach that seems to work fairly well and I’m proud to say that for the majority of my clients, they are usually happy with the initial concept presented.


I’m thankful that this project was no exception and Raechelle feels that it’s everything she wanted it to be and so much more which makes me so overjoyed! 

I love working with small businesses to create beautiful branding to fall in love with.  Are you after a professional image that is authentic to you? Let’s have a bit of a chinwag and discuss how we can work together, just email me via hello[at]