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I had the pleasure of working with the lovely Ciara, it's really awesome collaborating with women who have similar values to your own.

So similar though that at times I'll find that she's posted the exact same quote or similar quote as me on social media or vice versa, on the same day. FREAKY right? ... but in a totally good way!!

For her logo, it was important to reflect a sense of intimacy as she is organising people's personal spaces. Handwritten fonts tend to have more of a human element and evoke emotion which is actually a huge part of Ciara's work, where decluttering releases a person not only on a physical level but also on an emotional level.

The font we chose has quite a relaxed feel and its curvy strokes and loops create a more feminine look, something that was intentional as her ideal customers are mothers and working with families. We wanted it to be approachable!

A few of her brand keywords were simple, honest and peace - which I think is reflected by her pretty, soft pink and blue palette.

Did you know that with my custom logo work, I like to design a 'logo system' which is a collection of your main logo plus variations. These variations are fantastic to have because you can pick and choose the logo option that best suits whatever you're doing while still being consistent with your visual communication.

Photo credit ðŸ“· Simply Sorted Professional Organisers
Much love for these photos, they were taken by the talented Tanita Seton Photography