Hello folks! I thought I would share a few tips and tricks I've learned for preparing Facebook cover and profile photos - what dimensions are working for me currently and how it works on mobile and desktops. I say currently since Facebook is notorious for changing these on a frequent basis and for me because if you Google this topic, there is a myriad of tutorials, which are possibly different from what I'm going to share. Find one that works for you!

As an example - I'll be using the cute cover photo I designed for my lovely client Abbie, who is the talented bossbabe behind Simply Gawjus, a fabulous Perth based holistic and beauty studio (please make sure to check her out). As a business, we are constantly growing and evolving, and because of this we constantly need to make sure and assess that our visual branding is also changing and adapting to convey our message. With Abbie's services expanding to include more holistic treatments, it was important for her to get this across to her loyal customer base, as well as reaching out to potential new customers!

I LOVE her message 'Glow from the inside out', it's something I wholeheartedly agree with, taking care of yourself - not just at a surface level - is so important as the benefits radiate out. To communicate this natural and holistic vibe - we created a visual that was green, fresh and vibrant and tied back to her logo. 

Now to dimensions - Facebook has made it fairly difficult these days to design a cover photo, you upload one photo but it gets shown differently on a desktop vs a mobile. If you look at the example below, the mobile version gets cropped on the sides. So basically, if you want to have any wording, it should sit in the middle just to be safe. 

After a lot of research and experimenting on my own, the cover photo dimensions that I found worked for me was 820 x 312 pixels for the full desktop length and height. With the cropping, I made sure my main content was within a safe range of a centered rectangle ~560 pixel wide and having margins top and bottom as well for any text. 

Facebook cover photo

Normally, with Abbie's logo, the words sit on one line but to maximise the square area for her profile photo, I changed the layout - the thumbnails are tiny, you want your logo to be as BIG and visible as possible!  For profile photos, I find that a square of 500 pixels works quite well. 

When it comes to saving the images, I find that PNG-8s work the best for me. I find that if you can save it as low as possible with the data size while maintaining integrity, Facebook won't need to compress it for you and possibly lower the quality. With this method and the dimensions above, I have personally found that my text stays crisp. 

These are just my own findings - hopefully they work for you, please let me know if it does or if it doesn't, I would love to know too so that I can research and experiment more! 


Are you a boss girl wanting to take your Facebook branding to a new level?
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