Using client testimonials


I’m not exactly a fan of tooting my own horn and the word “testimonials” just makes think of those really fake ones shown on infomercials. However, I’ve been encouraged by other women in business to just own it - don’t be a wallflower when it comes to promoting your business.

If your clients are willing to be advocates for you and it’s all authentic, don’t be embarrassed, don’t be shy – be grateful and use it as a driving force to do even better!

I’m taking that step now, so if you’re in that frame of mind where you feel like you're being a bit of an arrogant f*ck, by showing a few good things clients have said about you - please reconsider! There's kind of a BIG difference. I never take anything for granted and I’m forever thankful for the clients that come into my life and give me the privilege to work on their brand.

Are you a small business? Do you ask for official reviews or testimonials from your clients?