Raechelle's Family Day Care

Raechelle's Family Day Care WIP
Raechelle's Family Day Care WIP


This was one of my fave logos to work on, a fusion of graphic design and traditional illustration - more projects like this please UNIVERSE. I love this cheeky little possum so much!!



Although I follow a general process for all projects, there is no cookie cutter method or solution. NO SIREE. Every single one of my clients has a different brand voice and unique story, which of course needs to be reflected in their custom logo.


With Raechelle's design for her family day care, she clearly expressed that she wanted something that was not the stereotypical bright colours or ABC blocks. It was important that her visual branding resonated with her vision of providing a calming space for her children along with some of her practices like natured inspired play.


Gathering as much information as I can from my clients is a very crucial step to the ideation stage as it actually creates clearer pathways to explore. It narrows down the amount of concepts required where I normally only present 1-2 different visual directions which I think closely align to a client’s branding, from experience this a positive thing and prevents overwhelm! It’s an approach that seems to work fairly well and I’m proud to say that for the majority of my clients, they are usually happy with the initial concept presented.


I’m thankful that this project was no exception and Raechelle feels that it’s everything she wanted it to be and so much more which makes me so overjoyed! 

I love working with small businesses to create beautiful branding to fall in love with.  Are you after a professional image that is authentic to you? Let’s have a bit of a chinwag and discuss how we can work together, just email me via hello[at]nevertheless.com.au