Today’s design talk topic is about consistency - a crucial part of visual branding!  If you haven't read my post on branding, click here, it will go through my understanding of what it means and why it's important to business! 


If you’re consistent with your branding elements, it helps people to recognise your business far quicker and more easily. It also builds a sense of trust if you're also consistent with everything else. I’ve seen many small businesses take a haphazard approach to their branding material - they’ll use a service like Vista Print to design their business card, which is one look and then they’ll create a logo for their social media channels using Canva, which might be a completely different look.


These items do the job, yes, but are they doing it effectively and efficiently? –  trust me when I say no. Pattern recognition is a thing peeps!! Once we start seeing an obvious visual pattern over time for a business - whether it’s a logo, certain combination of colours, style of graphics - we immediately start associating these elements to their brand and before long, we don’t even have to think about it, we just know it’s THAT company when we see these visuals.


A perfect example are the golden arches for McDonald’s, it’s become a ubiquitous logo that we immediately know stands for the fast food chain, of course it didn’t happen overnight but with consistent use over time they were able to create an iconic brand.


Case Study // Beach Brown Beauty



With her branding designs, Melinda wanted a professional and clean look that wasn’t super girly or feminine.  You can see that the use of her logo and branding elements are consistent throughout her advertising/promotional material - from the colour palette, to the tagline, to the fonts, to the layout of text etc. It creates a much stronger and more cohesive visual direction for her business which makes her brand far more identifiable and engaging to her audience.


Consistency is something that I definitely work on with my clients, it’s important that we’re creating a strong brand and every design in their visual branding collection reinforces who they are as a business and makes it as easy as possible for their ideal customers to “get” who they are!


Are you a small business or are a designer yourself?
I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject of consistency!