Healthy Self-Confidence



For as long as I could remember,  I was always the shy kid that didn't speak much - this developed to full on social anxiety as I got older and it became increasingly hard for me to be around people. I'm not really sure which caused which, social anxiety causing a lack of confidence or the lack of confidence causing the social anxiety, a bit of a chicken or the egg scenario, but both hugely impacted my life. Fast forward to where I am now, and I still have a way to go but I'm making more of a conscious effort to work on my limiting beliefs. I realise though that I made the most progress and continue to make the most progress when I have support and felt supported.

The more I talk with others (now that I can somewhat do this) I realise that so many of us, for one reason or another, build mental barriers that prevent us from experiencing healthy self-confidence. I know firsthand how debilitating low self-confidence can be and I hate the idea of other women suffering because of it. I wanted to create #healthyselfconfidence to empower and encourage women. We shouldn't be afraid/embarrased/ashamed to say we're amazing, to celebrate our wins, to share our thoughts, to acknowledge our strengths, to know that we have a lot to offer the world, to make mistakes and openly talk about them, to ask for help, to feel deserving of good things, to truly love and be proud of who we are (flaws and all), to go for our dreams.

This isn't about egotism and arrogance, it's not about claiming that we're better than everyone else, putting someone else down to make ourselves feel superior, making it all about our story and thinking that no-one else's matter - none of that bullsh*t. It's about introspection and finding that happy medium in yourself - where you feel good right down to your inner core and you have faith in yourself, regardless of outside influences.

Healthy self-confidence inspires healthy self-confidence in others, spread it like glitter!

I would love for you to share something that you love about yourself in the comments. And/or repost the image and share your own thoughts, personal stories, words of encouragement, advice for #healthyselfconfidence on Insta or FB.