Broome -where we stayed


My hubby and I recently had the urge to escape the daily grind - I’m sure you know what I’m talking about, that annoying itch only a holiday can soothe. Seeing it was a last minute (a lot of genius ideas are born this way right?) we wanted something that didn’t involve an incredible amount of planning. Basically, I was envisioning us relaxing by the pool, reading a book, maybe enjoying a cheeky cocktail or two (oh holidays, where drinking during the day isn’t considered a problem) and sunning it up. We could have gone to Bali, god knows it would’ve been cheaper, but that meant going through the fuss of passports and exchanging currencies blah blah blah… which we just didn’t want to deal with.  Exploring our own Australian backyard has always been something we’ve been meaning to do, this seemed like the golden opportunity.

One of our priorities was going somewhere hotter, so somewhere like Tasmania, even though it’s on our list, was a no-go zone. I had seen a few Broome photos on Instagram earlier which called out to me and, looking up their weather report, it was bright skies all week with no hint of rain. Sold. Plus it’s only a short 2 hour flight away from Perth, that’s quicker than driving down south to Margs! We knew we had definitely booked the right spot when a couple of days before we were heading out, my husband was on the train coming home from a sh*tty day at work and a woman sat directly opposite him, wearing a hat with the word “Broome” emblazoned on the front… it was like a big thumbs up from the Universe. This was going to be an awesome getaway!

Broome - Kimberley Sands

Where we stayed

Kimberley Sands Resort and Spa

Cable Beach // Studio apartment

What i liked about the resort

The room was neat and tidy - had the basics we needed. The most important thing was air-conditioning, something you’ll definitely appreciate in 30-something degree heat! They give you bottled water every day when your room is cleaned, it seems like such a minor thing to point out but trust me, you’ll smash that little bottle of water down like your life depended on it, every time. The resort has a large open pool with lots of deck chairs - we stayed during off-peak so we pretty much had the pool to ourselves!  The grounds has a lush and tropical feel, step outside of this and it’s more like your Aussie outback country town. The resort restaurant, The Deck is seriously THE BEST. We went there for breakfasts, lunches and dinners… all fabulous! The resort is only about a 10 minute walk to the beach, there's a general store about 5 minutes down the road (this was handy for restocking on sunscreen, mozzie spray and snacks), there’s a small selection of cafes and restaurants within 10-15 minutes walk from the resort.


Cable Beach vs. Town area...

Honestly, I really liked where we stayed. The resorts on the Cable Beach side seemed more appealing to me - however, if you stay on this side, visiting spots like Johnny Chi Lane, Matso’s Brewery or Town Beach which are on the town/mangrove side will need hiring a car, taking the bus or grabbing a taxi. The local Broome bus loops around Cable Beach to the town, every hour during the wet season, more often during dry season. It kind of covers most of the touristy areas but you are restricted by the start and final times, the last bus was about 6pm which isn’t very late if you’re going out for dinner in town! My hubby and I both hate driving so we did a combination of the local bus and taxis - it worked out a lot cheaper for us than hiring a car.

On an end  note ... you can’t survive Broome without … sunscreen and mozzie spray!

Stay tuned for the next Broome post which will be about the tours we did and some of the local attractions we visited!