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Sheryl Young is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator from delightful Perth, Western Australia. Her work is gorgeously infused with a naturally feminine style and is driven by a motivation to achieve beautiful, mindful and engaging creativity with each and every project.

She is a big advocate for women pursuing their passions and loves empowering boss babes starting on their journey with visual branding they absolutely love. With a bachelor degree in Graphic Design along with her years of industry experience, Sheryl is well equipped with the knowledge and skills to develop amazing bespoke visual identities.  And just quietly... she received an Award for Academic Achievement because she accomplished the top of her graduating year.

When she’s not designing logos, business cards and the like for small businesses - she’s creating illustrations by hand using more traditional mediums such as watercolours and pencils. She’s an avid artist which has led her to illustrate for both commercial and private commissions. She’s a self-confessed art/drawing nerd and in her spare time, you can still find her creating for fun and practice - prints of these self-directed illustrations can be found on sale at her shop.




For as long as she could remember, Sheryl was always the shy kid that didn’t speak much, this developed into full on social anxiety as she got older. A lot of the anxiety stemmed from a lack of confidence which impacted her life immensely - fast forward to now and she still has a way to go but she is making a more conscious effort to work on her limiting beliefs.

She is passionate about supporting other women who are also struggling with mental barriers and encouraging them to heal and gain healthy self-confidence. Through her online channels, one of her missions is to build and provide a resource base of information / inspiration / motivation for women (both business and life) that promotes healthy self-confidence, supports running a small business and encourages living their best life.

If you are in need of someone to talk to, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

If you're a fellow girl boss, your collaboration on an article or post would be awesome - any advice/personal stories/information that help support other women are welcomed!




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