Terms & Conditions of Service


The fine print on this page exists so that your experience with Nevertheless is as problem and stress free as possible!  Please take the time to read the text thoroughly and ensure you fully understand the terms and conditions outlined in this document before you commence any projects with Nevertheless.  Nevertheless have the rights to amend these terms and conditions at any time without notice. If something seems unclear to you, please get in touch via hello[at]nevertheless.com.au.


Quotes are valid for a period of 7 days. Quotes are in Australian dollars unless stated otherwise. GST is not charged on products and services as Nevertheless is not registered for GST.


The client will be invoiced a 50% commencement fee of the quoted amount to commence any project, unless stated otherwise on the quote or invoice. The payment of the commencement fee or full amount constitutes as an agreement to the terms and conditions outlined in this document. Payments can be made through credit card through a secure online payment gateway or bank transfer.


Any information given to Nevertheless will not be disclosed or shared with any third parties.


If the project is cancelled after approval and the commencement fee paid but no work done, the 50% payment is non-refundable and will act as a cancellation fee. If the project is cancelled after the project has progressed, the 50% payment is non-refundable and any work exceeding this amount will be charged pro-rata the time and effort spent.


Nevertheless reserves the right to terminate services in any case the client fails to perform the obligations stated within the terms and conditions.


Any work exceeding the quoted price or any work requested during the design process which is not listed as part of the initial quote or brief will be charged as extra. The client will be informed as soon as possible of additional costs or if a project is nearing the quoted price.

Please note that the pricing in this document does not include copywriting; the purchase of usage licenses for stock photography/ illustration/fonts; printing or postage for delivery of printed artwork. Nevertheless is happy to organise these items for your project, they will be charged as additional costs.


It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that any text, images and other content supplied has the correct usage permissions or licences – Nevertheless will not be held liable for content that breaches copyright laws. It is the client’s responsibility to review the content of their designs, Nevertheless will not be held responsible for errors. The majority of the content should be supplied to Nevertheless before the commencement of the project for progress to be within the turnaround time.


The client will be invoiced 100% of the cost of printing, this must be transferred and cleared before printing is ordered by Nevertheless. There may be slight colour variations from what is seen on screen and the final product, plus colours from previous orders. This is due to the nature of CMYK printing and bulk-run printing systems. There will be no reprints at the expense of Nevertheless.


It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that they review the proofs for incorrect information and spelling mistakes. If the artwork is approved with errors, Nevertheless will not be held liable. There will be no refunds or reprints given at the expense of Nevertheless.


For custom logo designs, ownership and copyright for the design will be fully transferred to the client. For print and digital designs, the client will be given exclusive rights to use the final and supplied artwork. The client does not have rights to receive or use discarded artwork/concepts unless the usage rights are purchased at an added cost. Clients do not have ownership or copyright of any of the artwork or working files produced during a project unless stated otherwise, copyright or ownership remains with Nevertheless. Nevertheless will retain the rights to use the final and approved design plus any discarded concepts for portfolio and self-promotional material.


Depending on the project, the turnaround is usually 15-20 working days. This is from the date the commencement fee payment has been received. Nevertheless will not be held responsible for delays in the project due to the late supply of content or feedback. If the project is stalled/delayed for more than 60 days due to the client, Nevertheless reserves the right to retain the 50% commencement fee to compensate and reserve the right to charge pro rata for any work created in this timeframe exceeding the commencement fee.


The balance for the project will be invoiced after the approval of the final design. The print-ready/web-ready files or final artwork files will only be supplied or handed over once payment for the balance has been received. Final payment is due within 15 days from invoice sent date unless stated otherwise. Outstanding accounts will incur a late fee of $10.00 per day until the outstanding amount is paid. If a client experiences any trouble in paying their account, Nevertheless should be advised so that arrangements can be made and no extra fees are applied to the account.


For custom logo designs, the client will receive the design in multiple file formats to suit both professional printing, in-house printing and online/web use. For additional design items, the client will receive either the print-ready file for professional printing or web-ready file for online publishing, depending on what is required. Please note that most designs are supplied as non-editable files so if a template or an self-editable design is required, this must be discussed with Nevertheless during initial contact.