Taking a social media break

Taking a social media break
September 12, 2019 admin
Sheryl Young / Illustration
Sheryl Young / Illustration

After a 4 month break, I thought it was high time I came out of social media hibernation and what better month to return to posting than my birthday month. Thank you to the lovely folks that are still following me on Instagram or Facebook or both, you guys are stars 🌟 I really appreciate your patience and support.
I feel like I’m in a much better headspace to share and engage, as taking time off has given me the chance to reflect on how I was approaching social media, why I wasn’t enjoying the experience and what changes I could make to shift the negative.
Running a biz isn’t easy and you can spread yourself extremely thin, especially if you try to do it all! If you feel like you need a detox from social media, be it a few days or a few months, I highly recommend doing so.
Naturally, I was concerned of losing people’s interest by being away longer than intended but that is nothing compared to the benefit of having the time to reflect and refocus so that when I came back from the hiatus, I could give you all my best and positive. At least that’s my intention moving forward!
Have you been on a social media break? what was your experience like? Do you find them helpful?

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