Finding the right graphic designer

Finding the right graphic designer
February 1, 2019 admin

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It’s always such a privilege to be part of someone’s business journey, especially right from the very beginning. A beautiful part of my job is not only building brands but building relationships with fellow girlbosses and, also the occasional boybosses 😀

A graphic designer that “gets” you and your business is a valuable asset to have! … and I’m not just saying that because I’m a graphic designer but because visual communication is such an integral part to growing a successful brand. Can I get a hell yeah!

I know that I’m not going to everyone’s cup of tea, but that’s okay, I recognise it’s essential to have compatibility. If you’re on the lookout for the right graphic designer for your business, here are a few key questions that I believe are important to consider.


In no particular order:

Do their visual style resonate with you and what you want for your business?

Browse through their portfolio, their website and social media accounts – if their volume of work aligns with your aesthetic vision, you’re winning!

Do they have the experience and have worked on projects with a similar scope to yours?

As they say, with experience comes wisdom. So for those of you new to running a business, it might be reassuring to work with someone that’s familiar with the type of project you have and can guide you through the process.

Do they have the type of personality you can work with?

This is absolutely crucial! Design work relies so much on clear communication, if you’re both on the same wavelength and feel at ease with each other – it certainly makes for a far better experience.

Do they come recommended in person or online?

Check out their reviews and see what others are saying about their services, you’d hope to find more positives than negatives.

Do you agree with their creative processes and policies?

This may not sound like the funnest activity, however, I highly recommend taking the time to read through the fine print of their services as it can differ so much for designers. Every designer has an individual method to their madness – make sure you know what you’re agreeing to and you’re comfortable with the way your project will be handled!

Do their costs match your budget?

This is self-explanatory BUT please make sure you are sensible about your budget, be mindful that creativity takes time and effort.

That’s it my lovelies, hopefully it’s something that’s helpful to some of you! If you’re looking for a graphic designer and you feel like you resonate with my work and style, please feel free to get in touch with me via hello[at]

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