Comparisonitis // Self-worth

Comparisonitis // Self-worth
October 9, 2019 admin

This has always been something that I struggle with in changing, I have this strong internal belief that everyone is better than me. When I took a social media break, I was actually much happier and in a much better state of mind because I wasn’t scrolling through other people’s feed and thinking “why should I even bother?” 🤦🤦🤦 However, part of adulting is checking in with yourself and your behaviour … and the logical me knows that avoidance isn’t how you get through life. I choose to find a different path where I can appreciate other people’s creativity and success without reflecting back on myself negatively and feeling insecure 💕

I watched a video from Lavendaire on Youtube about comparison and a suggestion she said really stuck with me. If you’re feeling envious of someone else or you’re comparing yourself and feel like you’re not good enough, ask yourself “what exactly is the quality that you like or admire or are envious in that person?”. 🤔 When we like or admire something, it’s because a part of us connects with it. In Lavendaire’s video, she says that these qualities that we like or admire in other people, exist within ourselves and they are asking to be brought out 💃💃💃

It has really helped me because now when I notice myself thinking “oh, they’re so amazing and I’m not as good”, I can stop myself and flip the script in my head. Then from there I think “how can I incorporate these qualities into my life” and act from a place of inspiration rather than jealousy 🌞🙌🌈

Check out the gorgeous Lavendaire, if you are into self-development and a bit of woo woo … 👈

It’s interesting that the universe keeps bringing back to my attention the idea that “people are mirrors, we reflect back what we see onto ourselves and vice versa”. What are your thoughts on this idea of us being mirrors or flipping the script suggestion? 👯✨

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