Nevertheless, she persisted

Sheryl Young is a freelance graphic design and illustrator based in delightful Perth, Western Australia. She lives there with her wonderful, supportive hubby and her 3 adorable furbabies Charlie (poochy), Ruby (kitty) and Bubbles (kitty). 

Her style in inherently feminine and she is huge sucker for a blush pink colour palette and lots and lots of flowers.  When it comes to graphic design work, she loves working with other women in small business – in particular, those that are in the fashion, beauty, styling, health & wellness industries. Sheryl likes to approach business branding in a more creative and illustrative way – she is not afraid to get hands-on with traditional mediums like watercolours, pencils and paints to explore gorgeous visual solutions that are artistically unique.

Illustration is her ultimate love (aside from her husband and fur-family). She specialises in hand-drawing with pencils where she absolutely adores private pet portrait commissions but also commercial work for magazines and other businesses.

When she’s not busy with client work, you can still find her drawing at her desk (even on a Friday night… what a wild child!) where she likes to dabble with self-directed illustrations. 

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